Chula Vista Driving School

California Sate School

Online Driver's Ed

When you complete this course, we will mail to you California DMV accepted driver's education completion certificate DL400CThe course is provided to you by Teen Driving School, CA state licensed school.



We provide behind the wheel training in cooperation with Teen Driving School. Private, individual lessons, female and male instructor. 

For the behind-the-wheel training please call.

(619) 282-7900

 Driving Lessons Info 

DMV-approved Certificate of Completion ( DL 400C )
Earn 2.5 credits toward high school graduation
Students may re-take the guizzes and final test!

DMV Requirements

License Steps

( For Teens )

  • Complete driver's ed
  • Pass the permit test
  • Complete driving lessons
  • Practice driving 50 hours
  • Pass the license test

Affiliate of

Teen Driving School

DMV Licensed School